Overdue for an update!

Hi all and welcome back to the galaxy’s greatest gardening blog; “20 dollar garden challenge.” The mere act of reading this blog will change your life immediately and completely. (That’s probably not a completely accurate fact, but then this IS the internet, and facts are not always synonymous with what you read on the web. Lol)

It’s been awhile since I posted an update on how the renovations have been going, so to all of my loyal followers who have been anxiously waiting while I dithered over how to best inform of our progress, I humbly apologise and beg your forgiveness.

Now that the grovelling has finished, I’ll proudly unleash the progress I’ve made that is going to blow your minds! (Collectively, and maybe not literally, probably minutely. But I digress.)

Summer is in full swing here and though we’ve had some scorching hot days, around 40 degrees Celsius, some others have been far milder, even days more suited to winter, (17 degrees Celsius with substantial rain.)

This has resulted in some good growth amongst a number of plants, however some of the others weren’t able to cope, and have become fertiliser. (Part of the circle of life, lol.)

Sole remaining grape vine of the 9 planted.

Sole remaining grape vine of the 9 planted.

We had planted 9 grape vines along our rear fence, with a number of posts knocked into the ground, in preparation for training the vines to grow along wires that were going to be strung along the length of the rear fence. The one remaining vine is a cutting given to us by my father in law, (from the vineyard he worked at) that has proven tougher than the others and is now beginning to flourish.


These are three fruit trees that we’ve had for a few years now, and this year they’ve been going pretty well, producing a fair bit of fruit. The first tree is a mandarin tree, the second is an apple while the third is a lemon tree.

While all three of the trees have been doing pretty well, a lesson has been learnt, and that is to get the trees planted into the ground, then we can have birdnetting over them, especially the apple tree, and hopefully their full yield, or most of it, will be available when the fruit ripens. (Oh well, at least our livelihoods don’t depend on our efforts at growing produce.)


These plants currently occupy the top two tiers of garden beds closest to the house. Previously full of weeds and horrible grass, the tomato and pumpkin plants are going great guns, with plenty of produce to offer. At the most recent count, I’ve spotted around 20 pumpkins of differing sizes, with more beginning to flower, while the tomatoes have already given us ample stock for salads and platters, with the promise of many more to harvest.

That’s all there is to report for the time being, I’ve got some serious work to do in preparation to building the first of the retaining walls, and hopefully I’ll have some news of my progress in the near future.

Good luck to everyone who  currently has a project before them, and special thoughts go to my readers in the Northern hemisphere who may be experiencing some truly horrendous winter weather at present. Hopefully the worst of the storms leaves you healthy and unscathed.

Cheers, Steve 😛

Ps, if you’re new to the page, or want to follow the guidelines for “20 dollar garden challenge” I’ll show you the rules that I have to adhere to while renovating the backyard.

1 The budget for each week of the challenge is, surprise, surprise, $20.
2 I can’t spend any of the budget in advance.
3 If something costs more than $20, it has to be paid off in instalments.
4 Receipts for ALL items, materials, etc, have to be kept and displayed.
5 If I don’t/can’t spend any money in a particular week, I still have to do something in the garden, (for example pruning or removing trees, making a garden feature from available materials/items, or from items I salvage, have donated to the challenge, etc.)
5a If friends or relatives want to help with the challenge, paying them in kind with BBQ and some beer/wine, etc, is perfectly acceptable.
7 Have approximately two years to complete the challenge.

(No doubt there may be a bit of tweaking of the rules during the ongoing challenge, but that just makes things interesting I reckon.)



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