Happy Fathers’ Day!

Welcome back to “The World’s Greatest Garden Renovation” blog on the interwebs.* (Probably not the case, but if you’re reading this then I figure it’s keeping you informed and/or amused at least briefly, so it’s achieving something semi-worthy. Lol.)

This will be a short post as it is to belatedly congratulate all of the fathers around the world who continually influence their respective children, with their every action and deed. In return they hopefully are rewarded with love and affection from their kids.

This was the case for me this year, and every year that I’ve been a father, and I’m happy to say that I’ve yet to receive any pairs of socks, ugly ties, or underwear, (novelty or otherwise) on Fathers’ Day.

I am very happy to report that one of the key fundamentals of “20 dollar garden challenge” was that I WASN’T ALLOWED TO BUY POWER TOOLS! 😦

So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my Fathers’ Day presents, and nestled amongst them was a Ryobi Palm Sander with extra sanding pads! (Happy dance! Happy dance!)

Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy Fathers’ Day!

One of the exemptions to the rules of “20 dollar garden challenge” has always been the birthday, anniversary or notable holiday (Christmas) claus(e).

As a result of this exemption, I’m now getting ready to prepare the butcher’s block for re-staining. (I’m just waiting for some stain and some decent weather to do it, been getting some inclement weather of late which interferes with my gardening and renovation efforts.)


I’ll give those who are new to “20 dollar garden challenge” a chance to peruse the rules of the challenge.

1 The budget for each week of the challenge is, surprise, surprise, $20.
2 I can’t spend any of the budget in advance.
3 If something costs more than $20, it has to be paid off in instalments.
4 Receipts for ALL items, materials, etc, have to be kept and displayed.
5 If I don’t/can’t spend any money in a particular week, I still have to do something in the garden, (for example pruning or removing trees, making a garden feature from available materials/items, or from items I salvage, have donated to the challenge, etc.)
5a If friends or relatives want to help with the challenge, paying them in kind with BBQ and some beer/wine, etc, is perfectly acceptable.
7 Have approximately two years to complete the challenge.

(No doubt there may be a bit of tweaking of the rules during the ongoing challenge, but that just makes things interesting I reckon.)

That’s all from me for the time being, I hope to communicate again with you soon. Gotta go because the weather is actually decent enough for me to do some more weeding! (Oh the unbridled enthusiasm I am currently displaying. If only you could see!)

Cheers, Steve 🙂


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