And another one bites the dust!

G’day everyone Steve here again with an update on the remarkable progress that I’ve made with the challenge of renovating the garden.
This week has been an outstanding success in terms of what I wanted to achieve, which was the removal of an ugly tree that Linda (and) I wanted gone.
Below are the before and after pictures of the tree’s location in the garden.

The ugly tree before it was removed.

The ugly tree before it was removed.

Here's the space that was previously occupied by the ugly tree.

Here’s the space that was previously occupied by the ugly tree.

The great thing about the work that has been done this week is that it hasn’t cost any money from the budget, so the total spent so far has been zero dollars, which has allowed to build up the running balance available to $60.
(Still won’t be allowed to buy any new power tools though 😦 .)

(If you’re new to 20 dollar garden challenge, there are some rules I have to follow, the first of which is not to talk about fight club… Oh wait, that’s someone else’s story. Sorry, got off track there. )

The rules for the challenge have been put in place by my wife Linda and they are outlined below.

1 The budget for each week of the challenge is, surprise, surprise, $20.
2 I can’t spend any of the budget in advance.
3 If something costs more than $20, it has to be paid off in instalments.
4 Receipts for ALL items, materials, etc, have to be kept and displayed.
5 If I don’t/can’t spend any money in a particular week, I still have to do something in the garden, (for example pruning or removing trees, making a garden feature from available materials/items, or from items I salvage, have donated to the challenge, etc.)
5a If friends or relatives want to help with the challenge, paying them in kind with BBQ and some beer/wine, etc, is perfectly acceptable.
7 Have approximately two years to complete the challenge.

(No doubt there may be a bit of tweaking of the rules during the ongoing challenge, but that just makes things interesting I reckon.)

That’s all for this post today, I hope you’re having fun with the challenge, I know that I am.
Until next time fellow blogaholics, have fun and keep the blogosphere boiling.
Cheers, Steve.


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