Up and running with the challenge.

Now that the challenge has been accepted, and begun, I’ve managed to tick off one of the items on the list; installing a bird feeder in the front yard.

It was a pretty easy thing to do, which was a good way to ease into the challenge, and the best part is that the bird feeder didn’t cost anything! (Therefore I’ve still got the $20 left in the budget for this week!)

I think that the placement of the bird feeder is in a handy location, we’ll get a few birds making use of it, hopefully, and if not, it’s a bit of a hidden secret, as it’s not readily visible from the road, except if you drive or walk all the way to the end of the cul-de-sac in which we live.

Simple bird feeder for the frontyard.

Simple bird feeder for the front yard. 

With the bird feeder being located in the garden bed, it will allow me to fix up the front lawn and hopefully get it appearing lush, green and great to walk on, rather than its current state, dry, sparsely vegetated and about as appealing to look at as a dog’s breakfast. (Hopefully just some dedicated fertilization and regular watering of the lawn, along with some new lawn added, should remedy the situation. (Fingers crossed, lol.))

One of the new tasks that will have to be accomplished in the future is that of painting the post of the bird feeder. I’m considering allowing our 4 year old son Hunter to “help” me with this job, as I’m quite keen to get a sort of ‘abstract’ look to the post. (Besides, it’ll be fun to do this, and the paint I’m going to use for the job will wash off fairly easily from skin, clothes, etc.)

Another task I’ll be able to get Hunter to help me with, (if he’s interested that is!) is the creation and distribution of bird food to place into the feeder to try and attract some birds, so it can therefore perform the task it was created to fulfill, and thereby achieve bird feeder nirvana.

Overall, it’s been a good little project to get out of the way, and allows me to get stuck into some of the other targets to achieve, and give the appearance of actually making some progress, when actually many of the changes are quite superficial and readily achievable.

I’ve enjoyed this week of “20 dollar garden challenge” and hope that not only does it help you stay motivated to keep up with your own DIY efforts, you also get a laugh out of my efforts and realise that even the least experienced people can have a positive change to their lives, if they’re willing to have a crack.

Until next time, and providing I’m still capable of doing so, I’ll keep you informed and hopefully entertained with my trials and tribulations.

Cheers, Steve




4 thoughts on “Up and running with the challenge.

  1. Great watching your challenge progress. I assume you’re down under which makes fall the perfect time to plant a lawn. Doubtful it can be done for under $20. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  2. We have been getting buckets of the wet stuff, which has done wonders for the weeds. Not only that but I think they actually enjoy the weedkiller I spray on them. I think it helps them grow.


    • I’m in the Adelaide southern metro area and we’ve had no rain of note for a bit, but I agree, the weeds and wintergrass seem to pop their heads up as soon as you remove them. A future post will deal with how we’re attempting to deal with this problem without resorting to weedspray. (Prepare for many chances to indulge in schadenfreude.)


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